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Hyper -Vis +
From Captain Morgan's Fishing Blog
highlighting Long Island Sound.
Fish that are sight feeders will hone in on live forage or reasonably good facsimiles and chase down their food. Depending on the quality of their vision, they will pick up on profiles, light refractions and color differentiations. Many artificial's on the market today capitalize on sight as the catalyst to provoke a strike. Whether using jigs, swim baits, plugs or a variety of other lures, part of the allure will usually have sight as part of the equation to success.
After considerable, successful testing on the west coast, this skipper was asked if he would put a very unique 'sight enhancer' to the test on the east coast. In short, USA made Hyper-Vis+ applied to any lure, in a very small configuration, turned out to be a diamond in the rough that out-shined, out-glittered and out-produced anything else tested previously. It will not turn an inexperienced fisher into a legend overnight but it will dramatically increase hookups and put more fish in the box. This quite durable, long-lasting attractor does make a difference! An added feature is the highly reflective properties can also be utilized in many other ways limited only to the imagination. Recommendation: 'Bling' it on!


Michael Caine

Hyper -Vis +

April 10 at 1:15 PM  · 

Kokanee trip story, Bear with me.

Put our lines out in the water, 2 of us using HyperVis tape and one of us not. First drop back, both us HyperVis guys had hits and hook ups on the drop, other guy..... we trolled all morning ending up, before I left at 1pm or so, 7/17 all on

Hyper -Vis +

!! The guy not using the HyperVis tape managed one dink Kokanee. Needless to say, the HyperVis tape proved itself once again to make more fish bite and gave us a GREAT day on the water.


David A Kasper

 is with 

Matthew Brown


14m  · 

We been using hyper vis tape for little over a year now,

the tape flat out produces fish, multiple different species..

Dead worm fishing highly recommends trying it.. their customer service is outstanding and a joy to work with.. if your not using Hyper-Vis your just fishing..

we have had several trips that the only rod that is catching fish is the one with Hyper-Vis on it...

so give them a call ...

Thomas Locks

A Reel Addiction

2h  · 

Two great companies

Hyper -Vis +


Jim Rodin at Componentnw

Separately they’ve earned their place in the industry but when you combine two great companies into one product you now have a synergy that’s unbeatable.

Hyper -Vis +

December 17 at 1:11 PM  · 

Kurt Johnson,

Message: I placed an order a couple weeks ago, and i had trouble with the color selection chart. And in a message was able to change it. And you also sent some other colors with my order. Actually more than what I originally ordered! I wanted to say thank you and how awesome you are about customer service! I will be a repeat customer! Thanks again so much! Awesome products

Kim Fraser

Happy Thanksgiving Kelly. Wanted to let you know I have made amazing use of your beautiful tape. I have marked some medical equipment at work to keep it from getting mixed up with other departments, its very durable and bright. You can't miss it!

Thank you again

Scott Goodman‎ to Hyper -Vis +

11h · 

Trout list for the year rainbows, browns, tigers ,eastern brook, west slope cutthroat,native red band,hybrid cut bows, and lake trout all cought on hyper-vis ...thankyou for this awesome product


Sent in by Ron Moyer owner of Beacon Hill Lodge Ketchikan Ak.
Just wanted to express my thanks to you for introducing me to Hypervis. This stuff is really incredible. The first time I was given some to try I added small strips to my bottom fish jigs. The results were amazing. Even here in Alaska with lots of fish the jigs with hyper vis caught all of the fish. After seeing how well this worked I tried it on salmon spoons, flashers and even downrigger balls all with amazing results. This stuff really works.

DSCN4256 (2).JPG

Larry Stamp


, OMG, that Hypervis tape is astonishing. I have never worked with anything like it before. I am amazed how well it conforms to uneven surfaces and the adherence is unbelievable. It is a solid 11 out of 10!

Robert Creasey recommends Hyper -Vis +.

January 27 ·

I have used Hyper-vis and I can tell you, IT. WORKS.

James Rowland

August 23 ·


Magic tape is easy to use and take a good lure, plug, flasher, corkie ( don't laugh, have a lady friend whom has pics to prove) and make it fantastic..
your imagination is gets u more fish..
Boom.. HYPER-VIS+ for the win

Jared Sjölin recommends Hyper -Vis +.

10 mins ·

I've been using Hyper Vis+ products since I was 18 years old and I came into Otto, then I started buying their products at Tom's Outboard in Olympia. I've enjoyed fishing on the beach where I met Kelly and his family that shared their new innovative products with me. I don't let friends go fishing without a strip of Hyper Vis+ for their lures. I've shared it with half a dozen very passionate fisherman who say they've noticed improved results when they go out fishing. I'm not big on spending a ton of money on all thelatest and greatest fishing gear, but I wouldn't be caught without Hyper Vis+ on my jigs.

Mark Zuniga recommends Hyper -Vis 

March 17 ·

Believe the hype people! Vis gets the biz done!

Top Fan

Scott Goodman

Awesome this stuff really works awesome ran one set with hyper-vis and one set without limited out on the set with hyper-vis on the wedding ring .......nothing better than side by side comparison

Bradd Arneson recommends Hyper -Vis 

March 11 ·

great to work with and the best sticky tape on the market, it will out last the other brands by far.

Mike Corcoran


Hyper -Vis +


June 23


Hands Down the best product of its kind on the market never leave home without it

Loran Benoit


Hyper -Vis +


February 12


It is the best product I have ever used for what I enjoy . I’m forever looking for better products and tinkering with all my tackle, and I have thousands of $$$$$ worth. My search for a better product is over. There isn’t anything else out there that can match Hyper Vis or the wonderful people that make it available to us. One of the features of this product is that it will stretch a bit. It can be moved around and you never have to worry about losing the glue. The glue doesn’t gas or emit odors. Be careful , if you like to use heat, as I do. It will shrink somewhat. That isn’t an impediment to this product. You are only limited by your imagination. But then, that’s why we share information. Enjoy this product, you won’t find anything better.

Cecil Wesner recommends Hyper -Vis 

February 5 ·

You got to get this. This stuff outshines anything out there.

Donald Bateman recommends Hyper -Vis .

May 19 ·

hyper -vis+ has changed everything for fishing for me. more confidents when you are fishing is number one. thanks again for what you have done for me

James Staats

Kelly Corcoran by the way Kelly I’m extremely impressed with the tape you sent me! I’m been way busy fishing but truly I’m catching 10 fish to even one I get with dodgers that have your stuff on ! Thank you for keeping in American and I will be sending another order soon!

Tight lines and keep the lines wet!

I have been making up dodgers and giving them to everyone I meet fishing ! If we don’t then who will?


Michael Yeats recommends Hyper -Vis +.

May 17 ·

Can’t say enough good about this company and it’s products. Comfortable shirts and awesome hats but, what takes the cake is that red hot HyperVis tape they make. There’s nothing else like it or even close out there for purchase. Now, when you throw in their customer service and BLAZING fast shipping, it’s pretty close to being the perfect company. I’m a lifetime customer! I’ll never buy another kind of tape. Thank you guys here at HyperVis

Victor Fox

10h  · 

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Otto a few times now, fantastic guy and LOADS of fishing knowledge. I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with him once so far and he slayed. This gentleman has created a product that I believe is going to go through the roof. I have been using it for almost three years now and my catch rate has gone up drastically. #hypervis always produces better for me than folks not using it. The trick is to get the fishes attention and boy does it work great!


Bechhold & Son Flashers & Lure Company

Happy to share that our new cop car tape designs have been a huge hit this year ! Thank you to Hyper -Vis + tape for producing a fantastic fishing tape .

Father Son Fishing

15h  · 

So unfortunately, well I guess not, this jig didn't catch any fish in the aquarium but I was testing the Hyper-Vis Tape and the application we are using it for on these jigs. I tied it below the filter in running water, I know not like a river current, for four days and then let it just soak for another four days. The tape held fast after 8 days in the water and I cannot even scrape it off the leather strip of the rabbit fur. The glue is amazing and holds up to the way we are applying it to these jigs. I should have turned the jig in the photo but the tape is on the leather side of the rabbit fur. We have more chinelle on the way for the body, red and chartreuse, and Tyler is ready to tie these up the moment they come in. We will let you all know when they are ready for sale.

July 28 at 7:04 PM  · 

Brad Fresh,

My saga with HyperVis tape started in the late Summer of 2019; I was prepping for a 10 day, long range bucket list trip out of San Diego. We found a couple kelp beds after a day and a half, and rigged up trolling rods for Wahoo. I was in the 1st group, and as the newbie I got the outside spot away from the kelp beds. I used a Nomad DTX minnow in Pink, and I decorated it with 3 thin stripes on each side of HyperVis gold tape. I caught the 1st fish, a 47 lb. Wahoo. Some of the guys asked me about the tape, and I gave them each some. I also gave some to the crew. I caught Wahoo, YFT and Mahi using lures decorated with HyperVis, as did my friends and others on the boat.

I didn’t get much of a chance to fish Winter Steelhead when I got back. We were in the process of moving North of Seattle. But, I did get out once. Nightmare jig with Solar Flare eyes tipped with a Looney Coonie tail managed 3 fish on the Kalama River.

Covid hit, and fishing stopped for way too long. By the time it reopened, it was Summer Chinook season. I headed up to Bonneville with my buddies. I put out a basic Oregon Tackle spinner that I decorated the blade with a square of Green HyperVis. It hooked and landed 4 Chinook; 3 of which were hatchery. The other fish was caught using a proven Mag Lip. My friends took note. Picture below.

I used UV HyperVis for Halibut, Ling Cod and Rockfish. My rig with some Chartreuse tape accounted for 4 Halibut on one near shore trip. I also decorated my flasher with a few remnants of tape when we fished Coho at buoy 10 while trolling anchovies. It got 6 fish, 3 keepers out of 5.

I’ve also used HyperVis in Florida. I rigged up a jig head with Solar Flare eyes and a paddle tail and I’ve caught Snook, Redfish, Snapper, Flounder, Grouper and Sea Trout. On one occasion I tried removing the tape, and didn’t get bit after that.

Back in May Bonneville Dam opened up for 3 days after quite a few years of being shut down. I again headed up with my buddies. We’ve always limited the boat back bouncing eggs, so that’s what we were planning to do. No love after 2 hours; never marked a fish. Decided to anchor up down at the Shad Rap, and try spinners. I didn’t bring my spinner box, I used the only spinner I had with me, wrapped with a Looney Coonie and 2 triangles of pink and blue HyperVis tape on the blade. Frankly, I didn’t think it would work, but sent it anyway. We were anchored on the outside next to a guide. He said they got 2 at daybreak, but nothing since. No one else had hooked anything either. About 5 minutes later my rod doubled. A couple minutes later I was tagged out on a hatchery Chinook. I fixed the spinner, rebaited it, and sent it again. Rod went off again. To make a long story short, that spinner accounted for 6 bites, and 4 fish. One buddy also had HyperVis on his spinner, and he got 5 bites and 2 fish. The only other fish caught in our boat came off a MagLip. No one else in the area hooked a Salmon, and the guide ended up getting his last fish after I believe we had 9 or 10 bites.

A month or so ago I had the opportunity to fish the Columbia for Salmon. I took down a couple Simon spinners I redecorated. I used the Purple and Gold, a friend used the Solar Flare and Chartreuse; both wrapped with Looney Coonies. I got a Salmon, and my buddy got a nice Steelhead. We saw no other fish caught. See pictures of the spinners attached.

Yesterday I went out with 2 friends and 2 of the 3 fish we caught were on a SNG with a solar flare stripe on one side, and a chartreuse stripe on the other. Pictures attached. One of the steelhead was 15+#. I also attached a picture of a spoon I modified with blue and solar flare as a birthday gift toa young coworker when he fishes for coho.

My current opinion is that unless I’m fishing bare bait, I ‘ll have HyperVis tape on my flasher or lure. I really need to work on taking more pictures; tough when my hands are usually trashed wit bait.


Hi Kelly,

Hope you’ve had a great summer.

Well, we been testing your tapes on Lakes Ontario, Huron and Erie and they are holding up beautifully - and catching fish! The prototype in the photo attached has Solar Flare combined with a Purple/Blue UV Moonglow and it’s been absolutely on fire on Lake Ontario. Thank you!

Gerry & Lee Anne

Here's to calm waters, clear skies & tight lines!

— The Triple Threat Lures Team.

Hyper -Vis +

September 20 at 6:14 AM  · 

Jeff Eggart,

Holly cow you guys are so awesome!! I'm speech less.

I got the last order 1 day before my coho trip off the beach. Got my first two coho ever!!!!! Out of a beach of people only a few caught. Even fewer got their limit. I was one of them with a limit of coho. In 2hrs mind you. Pink & chartreuse. Did the. Trick! Thank you again so so much! I will be on the look out.


Bill Herzog

3h  · 

Due to demand, here are the spoon/spinner riggings, front and back, we have been using this summer for steelhead...from left: #5 copper blade, 1/2 oz. black body, Hyper Vis tape black spots; 1/2 oz (2 quarter oz spoons together) copper/black BC Steels; 2/5th oz. all brass BC Steel with black Hyper Vis on concave and 2/3rds oz gold BC Steel with black tape on concave. Hooks are 1/0 VMC Tech Set, 2/0 Gami Big River and regular 2/0 Gami nickle siwash. Fished on 30# Moonshine V2 Slick Power Pro uni-knotted to 9 feet of 15# Ultragreen. Heavy gear? Yes, but a fresh summer steelhead will take your stuff if you go lighter, the grabs are unlawful!!!! #FishPowerPro #dccwest


Gene Vroman  recommends Hyper -Vis +.

July 10  · 

works great on salmon.

Now to try it on kokanee.

Definitely a 5 star rating

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